Use Cases

Decentralized Gaming

Decentralized gaming platform using Ethereum Tokens and Smart Contracts (Dapp)

For one of our current clients, we have provided a completely decentralized gaming platform built onto of the ethereum blockchain integrating tokens and smart contracts using the ERC20 standard.

  • Independent Smart Contracts, the game is fully operated by smart contracts running on ethereum.
  • Transparent and Secure, elimination of 3rd party involvement in the entire game process and fund management.
  • Direct Payout via Smart Contracts, Payment is made from smart contracts directly, which makes the game secure and no additional fees such as tax.

What is Dapp?
  • It cannot be shut down/ have any downtime.
  • Are not owned by anyone or any one entity.
  • Open source, source code is available to all.
  • Decentralized, uses blockchain technology.
  • Incentive, Dapp uses tokens or an asset to power itself.
  • Protocol, must have consensus on the algorithm to show proof of value.

What is ERC20?

ERC20 is an ethereum token standard that would allow smart contracts to operate as tradable tokens similar. These tokens are fungible which means they are interchangeable. They can represent assets and/ or tradable good such as IOUS, loyalty points or in-app currency (in this case gaming coins).

What is smart contract?

A protocol used to digitally verify and enforce a contract, these allow transactions of data without the need for a middleman. Smart contracts are executed autonomously when certain conditions are met.

Decentralized Streaming Network

Decentralized (peer-to-peer) content delivery network to reduce the cost of video delivery

We provide solution and advisory to turn traditional streaming network into decentralized streaming network, which can reduce network costs by using blockchain technology, leverage unused resources around the globe through a network of computers to host video content, therefore, we do not need a centralized server anymore.
It is a fully autonomous streaming network. Streamers can earn tokens by hosting videos on their nodes* while users can pay tokens to streamers as a gift.
*Nodes are connected computers what receive a copy of the blockchain which has all the historical data of all events that has happened on the network.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Real-time exchange of cryptocurrency through API connected payment gateway

Cryptocurrency will be recognized as a far better payment method than the traditional one.
This solution provided to one of our clients included an APP and online API connection for merchants to make real-time exchange transactions from global exchanges with real-time ask and bid prices.

  • Smart contract enabled, by using smart contracts users can trade any token of their choice real-time into another or even coins.
  • Cheaper Transactions, using gas to execute the transactions on the ethereum blockchain, transactions are cheaper when comparing them to traditional currencies and zero hidden fees.
  • Variable Integrated solutions, integrating this payment gateway with other solutions enables:
    • Tokens can be traded into coins to be used on tables.
    • Tokens for playing videos.
    • Tokens for gifts to streamers.
    • Tokens to be used on Dapps.

What is GAS?

Gas is a small amount to spend on using the computation power on Ethererum blockchain. It is also known as the execution fee. Its price is expressed in ether and decided by the miners.

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